Write a 1,200- to 1,500-word paper explaining the legal aspects,

Write a 1,200- to 1,500-word paper explaining the legal aspects, financial standards involved, and ethicality of the Excello Telecommunications case. Your paper should include the following: ,,• Identify the legal issues involved—consider state and federal laws—and explain how they apply to the case.,• Determine the criteria by which Sarbanes-Oxley would apply to this case.,• Identify the specific financial reporting standards involved and explain how those standards were violated.,• Evaluate the financial reporting activity in terms of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.,• Determine the ethicality of the events within the case.,• Select the best alternative offered by the team. Defend your decision in terms of its legality, ethicality, and alignment with accounting standards.,,Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.,

Answer the following Discussion Questions:1. If you had to

Answer the following Discussion Questions:,,1. If you had to choose between adventure learning and action learning for developing an effective team, which would you choose? Justify your answer.,,2. Why on-the-job training may be ineffective? How can its effectiveness be improved? Explain what have been your personal experiences with on-the-job training?,,3. Explain the steps of an action learning program. Which aspect of action learning do you think is most beneficial for learning? for transfer of training? Explain your standpoints.,,4. Discuss how new technologies make it easier to learn. How do they facilitate transfer of training?,,5. Explain learner control, sharing and linking and how do they contribute to the effectiveness of e-learning.,,6. What is repurposing and how does it affect the use of new technologies in training? ,,7. Distance learning can be used to deliver a lecture to geographically dispersed trainees. How can distance learning be designed and used to avoid some of the learning and transfer of training problems of the traditional lecture method?,

Renka Shoe Company makes loafers. During the most recent year,

Renka Shoe Company makes loafers. During the most recent year, Renka incurred total manufacturing costs of $26,400,000. Of this amount, $2,100,000 was direct materials used and $19,800,000 was direct labor. Beginning balances for the year were Raw materials inventory, $600,000; Work in process inventory, $800,000; and Finished goods inventory, $700,000. At the end of the year, inventory accounts showed these amounts:,Raw Materials Inventory: $900,000,Work-in Process Inventory: $1,400,000,Finished Goods Inventory: $990,000,,Analyze the inventory accounts to determine:,1) cost of raw materials purchased during the year,2) cost of goods manufactured for the year,3) cost of good sold for the year

Brabant NV of the Netherlands is a wholesale distributor of

,Brabant NV of the Netherlands is a wholesale distributor of Dutch cheeses that it sells throughout the European Community. Unfortunately, the company’s profits have been declining, which has caused considerable concern. To help understand the condition of the company, the managing director of the company has requested that the monthly income statement be segmented by sales territory. Accordingly, the company’s accounting department has prepared the following statement for March, the most recent month. (The Dutch currency is the euro which is designated by €.),, ,Sales Territory, Southern,Europe Middle,Europe Northern,Europe, Sales € 300,000 € 800,000 € 700,000 , , Territorial expenses (traceable): , Cost of goods sold 93,000 240,000 315,000 , Salaries 54,000 56,000 112,000 , Insurance 9,000 16,000 14,000 , Advertising 105,000 240,000 245,000 , Depreciation 21,000 32,000 28,000 , Shipping 15,000 32,000 42,000 , , Total territorial expenses 297,000 616,000 756,000 , , Territorial income (loss), before corporate expenses 3,000 184,000 (56,000) , , Corporate expenses: , Advertising (general) 15,000 40,000 35,000 , General administrative 20,000 20,000 20,000 , , Total corporate expenses 35,000 60,000 55,000 , , Net operating income (loss) € (32,000) € 124,000 € (111,000) , ,, Cost of goods sold and shipping expenses are both variable; other costs are all fixed. Brabant NV purchases cheeses at auction and from farmers’ cooperatives, and it distributes them in the three territories listed above. Each of the three sales territories has its own manager and sales staff. The cheeses vary widely in profitability; some have a high margin and some have a low margin. (Certain cheeses, after having been aged for long periods, are the most expensive and carry the highest margins.), ,Required:,3. ,Prepare a new segmented contribution format income statement for May. Show a Total column as well as data for each territory. In addition, for the company as a whole and for each sales territory, show each item on the segmented income statement as a percent of sales. (Note: % columns may not total due to rounding.) (Input all amounts as positive values except losses and their percentages which should be indicated by a minus sign. Round your percentage answers to 1 decimal place. Omit the "€" and "%" signs in your response.)

Prepare an EFE (External Factor Evaluation) and CPM (Competitive

Prepare an EFE (External Factor Evaluation) and CPM (Competitive Profile Matrix) matrix for The Walt Disney Company using Universal Studios and Dreamworks for competitors. Indicate your conclusions, including any strategic implications for areas you would leverage, or weaknesses you believe need to be addressed.

For this assignment, you will need to consider trends in

For this assignment, you will need to consider trends in leadership and organizational structure, for example, the move toward a more participative leadership style and a more networked organizational structure.,Identify an organization of your choice. This could be your current employer. It could even be a hypothetical organization or that of one of your peers. Be sure you have access to information about the organization and about the industry the organization is in. We would suggest choosing an organization and industry that are changing so that you can explore strategies for change management. ,Research on that organization, and then respond to the following:,• Describe the organization you have chosen. Please include the name and a short description of the organization’s products or services. ,• How does the organization motivate its employees? Describe any programs or methods they use to motivate workers. If the organization does not have any employee motivational strategies, suggest some strategies that you think will be effective. ,• Describe the current state of the organization’s workforce dynamic. Is its workforce growing? Is it changing? How is it changing and why? ,• What are some of the workforce trends that this organization needs to address? What similar organizations can be used as a benchmark? ,• What are some of the industry trends that are affecting the organization overall? Is the industry growing, or declining? ,Write your initial response in 4 pages in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. ,***NO Plagiarized or COPIED work will be accepted!,,All original work is necessary!

Alitech Corporation is a small Midwestern business that owns a

Alitech Corporation is a small Midwestern business that owns a valuable patent. Alitech has approximately 1,000 shareholders with 100,000 authorized and outstanding shares. Block Corporation would like to have the use of the patent, but Alitech refuses to give Block a license. Block has tried to acquire Alitech by purchasing Alitech’s assets, but Alitech’s board of directors has refused to approve the acquisition. Alitech’s shares are currently selling for $5 per share. Discuss how Block Corporation might proceed to gain the control and use of Alitech’s patent.,,Instructions: Enter or paste your written work and/or click "Attachments" to upload your files.