Hi I am having trouble finding sources to go along with these

Hi I am having trouble finding sources to go along with these questions can you help me,,Clearly describe Robert Nardelli’s leadership style in terms of Leadership Theory, incorporating the following theories within your paper: ?Trait Theory ,?Behavioral Theory ,?Situational and Contingency Theories

6. Scorekeeper, Inc., manufactures stadium scoreboards. Table 1

,6. Scorekeeper, Inc., manufactures stadium scoreboards. Table 1 illustrates the demand for, Scorekeepers scoreboards over the past 25 days. The mean of daily demand in 6 units., a. Is the demand distribution normal? How do you know?, b. Calculate the standard deviation for daily demand. Assume in this case that the performance, cycle is constant., Table 2 summarizes Scorekeepers performance cycles over the past 40 replenishment. The, expected cycle duration is 12 days., c. Is the performance cycle distribution normal? How do you know?, d. Calculate the standard deviation for the performance cycle., e. Given you answers to parts (b) ad (d), find the safety stock required at 1 combined standard, deviation under conditions of demand and performance cycle uncertainties.,f. If the typical order quantity is 36 units, find the average inventory at 3 standard deviations, under demand and performance uncertainty., g. Scorekeeper is striving for a 99 percent product availability level. Given the above information, as well as your answer to part (e), find the function value of the normal loss curve, f(k)., h. Use Table 7.14 to find the value for k, given your answer to part (g), and calculate the required, safety stock for the desired 99 percent availability level., i. What would be the required safety stock for 99 percent availability should the order quantity, change to 30 units?,

As you are planning the annual audit of Norton Corporation, you

As you are planning the annual audit of Norton Corporation, you note that the company has a number of user-operated computers in use in various locations. One of the machines has been installed in the stores department, which has the responsibility for disbursing stock items and for maintaining stores’ records. In your audit, you find that one employee receives the requisitions for stores, disburses the stock, maintains the records, operates the computer, and authorizes adjustments to the total amounts of stock recorded by the computer.,,When you discuss the applicable controls with the department manager, you are told that the user-operated computer is assigned exclusively to that department. Therefore, the manager contends that it does not require the same types of controls applicable to large IT systems.,,Required: ,, Comment on the manager’s contention., Discuss five types of control that would apply to this microcomputer application.,,Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length. Follow APA format and APA Requirements. Include a title page and reference page. Use two outside academic sources.

Answer these questions using the overview (p. 1) and 5 Exhibits

,Answer these questions using the overview (p. 1) and 5 Exhibits (pp. 3 – 9). Write your responsesin a new thread on the board.1. Calculate the following ratios for each year during the period 1980-1983. Comment on thetrend indicated by each ratio with respect to the financial performance and condition of theCharter Company.a. Profitability:Return on average total assets (assume a 46% income tax rate)b. Turnover:i. Accounts receivable (based on average gross trade receivables).ii. Inventory (based on average total inventory).iii. Total assets (based on average total assets).c. Liquidity:i. Current ratioii. Quick ratiod. Solvencyi. Total liabilities to total equitiesii. Total long-term debt to total long-term debt plus owner’s equity2. The Charter Company had a number of nonrecurring and/or noncash components ofincome from continuing operations in 1983. Beginning with the 1983 earnings fromcontinuing operations, adjust this figure for nonrecurring and/or noncash items (informationfor these adjustments are included in Exhibit 1 (p. 3), Exhibit 3 (p. 6), and Exhibit 4 (pp. 7 –8)).3. Based on the information presented in the case, discuss the extent to which the stockmarket, in the aggregate, anticipated Charter’s problems and priced its common stockaccordingly (see Exhibit 5 (p. 9)).,