Accounts and Notes Payable.Described below are certain

Accounts and Notes Payable.,Described below are certain transactions of Larson Company for 2012:,,1. On May 10, the company purchased goods from Fry Company for $70,000, ,terms 3/10, n/30. Purchases and accounts payable are recorded at net amounts. ,The invoice was paid on May 18.,,2. On June 1, the company purchased equipment for $90,500 from ,Raney Company, paying $30,500 in cash and giving a one-year, ,9% note for the balance.,,3. On September 30, the company discounted at 10% its $210,000, one-year, zero-interest-bearing note at First State Bank.,,,Instructions,(a) Prepare the journal entries necessary to record the transactions above using ,appropriate dates.,,(b) Prepare the adjusting entries necessary at December 31, 2012 in order to ,properly report interest expense related to the above transactions. Assume,straight-line amortization of discounts.,,(c) Indicate the manner in which the above transactions should be reflected in the ,Current Liabilities section of Larson Company’s December 31, 2012 balance sheet.,